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Athens, Greece - 2004
by VE_Design: Andreas Andreou, Coti, Evelyn Gavrilou, Vasilis Bourdakis, Dimitris Skoufis, Aris Tsagrasoulis, Dimitris Charitos
Project Description

the VE_Design team created Detour in Athens at the time of the 2004 Summer Olympics. The project was conceived as "a detour from the crowdedness and introversion of city life towards an artificial wonderland". Specifically, this wonderland creates a unique interactive multisensory environment, a landscape with a memory.
People are invited to interact with and intentionally provide their voices and images to the system. These are then captured, processed, distorted and dynamically positioned, in real time, within the 8-channel audio system of the installation and on an appropriately placed projection. Consequently, differently processed versions of these sounds and images are randomly selected and communicated again to future visitors of the environment. In this sense, 'Detour' is an artificial 'landscape' which remembers the voices and images of people who visit it and randomly recalls them, thus redefining all captured raw audiovisual content. Visitors may also affect the way that sounds are being displayed by appropriately moving their body in relation to certain elements of the environment.