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Music for Theatre/Film/Dance:


"Ta oraia heria mas" (Dir. Efi Birba) Roes theatre 2015-16.
''6 A.M." (Blitz theatre group) Onassis cultural centre 2015.
"Silence" P.Stamatopoulou dance co 2015.
The silent step of the bear' (dir. A.Frantzis) Onassis cultural centre 2012.
'Look at me' (dir. P.Stamatopoulou) Athens Festival 2011.
'Nowhere' (dir. D. Papaioannou) Athens national theatre 2009.
“Natura morta' (dir. Y. Lanthimos) Theatro tou Notou 2008.
'Medea 2' 2008 (dir. D. Papaioannou) Athens Festival / Pallas theatre.
'The orphan of Chao' (dir. T. Moshopoulos) Theatro tou Notou 2007.
'Iperoha Domatia' Ad Lib dance co at LifestyleDeath 2006.
'Happy Land' at Thisseio theatre. P.Stamatopoulou dance co 2006.
'Boy with a suitcase' (M. Kenny) (dir. T. Moshopoulos) Porta Theatre 2005.
2A parousia project (dir. Elena Timblalexi) Theatro tou Neou Kosmou 2004.
'The winter's tale' (W. Shakespeare) (dir: Lilo Baur) Thearo tou Notou 2004.
'Blaubart' DDD (dir. Y. Lanthimos) Porta Theatre 2004.
'Kokkinizoume Arga' Ad Lib dance co. Roes Theatre 2003.
'I zoi eine ena oneiro' (dir.Thomas Moshopoulos) Theatro tou Notou 2003.
'Tiny Dinamite' (dit. Giannis Moshos) Theatro tou Notou 2003.
'Exodos Anapnoon' Ad Lib dance co. Thissio Theatre 2002.
'Mainstream' (dir.Thomas Moshopoulos) Theatro tou Notou 2002.
'Bru Bra' (dir. Stelios Manolakakis) Camel theatre 1999.



'Symptoma' feature film (dir. Aggelos Frantzis) 2015.
'The Time Being' - opening scene music (dir. Nenad Cincin-Sain) 2012-13.
'Fynbos' feature film (dir. H.Patramanis) 2012.
'L' feature film (dir. Babis Makridis) 2011-2012.
'In the woods' (as Textu rizer with N. Veliotis) feature film 2009 dir. A. Frantzis
'The last Fakir' short film (dir. Babis Makridis) 2005.
'A dog's dream' feature film (dir. Aggelos Frantzis) 2004.
'Hardcore' feature film (dir. Dennis iliadis) 2003.
'Earthqauke' feature documentary (dir Y. Aferof) 2003.
'Uranisco Disco' short film (dir. Y. Lanthimos) 2002.
'Blank Frank' Video (dir. Babis Makridis + Yiorgos Lanthimos) Trash Art festival 2002.
‘Pinochet’s Children' documentary (dir.Paula Rodriguez) Ma-Ja-De – Germany 2002.
'Ex Omonias' 15 episode documentary for greek national TV 1999.


Coti has also witten music for a large number of TV adverts.