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Live: (selected)


May 18th: Mohammad 2 live performances at Beton7 Athens

May 4th: Lykoi live Olympion theatre,Thessaloniki.

October 29th: Coti live Knot Arts, Athens.


December 15th: Mohammad live at Cave 12, Geneve, Switzerland.

December 11th: Mohammad live at Total Meeting Festival, Tours, France.


July 1st: playing with Lee Patterson and Nikos Veliotis at the Athens Festival.


July 21st: Textu rizer live at Festival des NPAI, Parthenay, France.

July 13th: Coti live at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.

May 13th: Textu rizer live concert with 5.1 sound at Trianon theatre.


December 16th : Texturizer live at the LMC festival at the ICA in London.

December 7th : Texturizer live at the 2-13 festival at the Small music theatre in Athens.

Oct 25th: Coti live at Project 101 in Paris.

Sept 30th: Texturizer play live at the Reworks festival in Thessaloniki.

July 8th: live at the Synch Festival in the 8 channel sound installation room.

Jan 29th live at Electrograph festival with Texturizer (project with Nikos Veliotis) and Harmonium Sisso Orchestra (project with Ilios and Xabier Erkizia).


Dec 12th– live with a harmonium +laptop set at the 2-13 Festival (Small music Theatre 33Veikou str., Athens).

July 24th - ilios + Coti live at , Bera, Basque Country, Spain

July23rd - Coti live at Arteleku, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

July 22nd - ilios live at Arteleku, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

July - Concerts in Spain soon to be announced

June 4th - Synch Festival, Lavrio

April 29th - Lido/Lato presentation, Small Music Theatre



Swizerland antifrost vs Domizil Tour (Geneva, Fribourg, Zurich, Bern)

London Resonance FM "Instant Music Radio Meeting"



Athens 2-13 festiva

Athens An Club – “uneasy listening” project with Blaine Reininger

Athens Electrograph festival - trio with kahn/ilios/coti

Athens Epi Kolono Theatre

Athens Small Music Theatre



Athens 2-13 festival

Athens Small Music Theatre



Athens 2-13 festival

Athens Small Music Theatre



Athens Pinakothiki – “Uneasy Listening” project with Blaine Reininger



Thessaloniki – Mylos