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Constructions have always been my interest, as a kid I made skateboard boards, and when I discovered my interest in music, I made some very crude "instruments" and recorded my first cassette release with them (only 4 copies were made).
I lost my first semi-serious construction the "tetrachord" while moving to a new apartment in the early 80s, an instrument that only played harmonics, made from a guitar I tore apart..
Then came software. Early sequencers like Creator and Pro 24 (predecessors of Logic and Cubase) were in a way more open than hardware.. and of course later on I discovered the joys of Reaktor and MaxMSP patch building..
But isn't software a bit frustrating and boring sometimes? I guess this is where my installation work came from, to give physical dimensions to musical "constructions".
So around 2010 I returned to my old habit of tinkering with hardware, at first to build controllers for software that behave more like a musical instrument, and then even pure acoustic ones, taking advantage of all the beauty of acoustic vibrations.
Now all these instruments are quite crude, they are just realizations of simple ideas and personal musical needs, I have not the interest nor the patience to build a proper "luthier grade" one, though I do not exclude one in a near future.. ;-)
I keep thinking, limitations are blessings in disguise.

All my presentable constructions can be found here:

Moha controller
Bass Bar